I just can’t tell you how pleased I am with the ladies teaching Lexxi in her first ever beginning tap and ballet. I can see a great improvement each time and the comments you give help to encourage these little ones really makes them smile and hopefully want to continue. I love their giggles…. I am continually telling Lexxi that her progress is awesome and how great it is to meet new friends and to have a level of teaching that is extremely important for all of the girls and how this will be beneficial for years to come. Thanks again ladies for your patience and fun approach to teaching these girls. This grandmother’s fingers are crossed that she will want to continue always!!!

Sharon Frizzell – Grandmother

 We def miss all of you guys and all that you all have done for us over the past 7 years. I truly hate that she is ready to give up dance.  You guys really do make a lasting impact on the lives of all you teach. The discipline you have taught my child is amazing to say the least. Thank you for that. We love you all very much and we hope you all have another outstanding year.

Casey Padgett – Mother

Chloe Allison started dance when she was three years old. She was extremely shy. She started in the preschool one class once a week. Being three she was scared to even have me (her mom) out of her sight. So for the first year I pretty much took dance with her! The teachers never minded me being in the studio while they taught which was a big help. Chloe loves to dance and eventually overcome her fears and went to class by herself. Angie’s and dance has helped her with her confidence in a big way. She is now taking her fourth year of dance and cannot wait for her classes every week. Thank you Angie’s!

Becky Allison ̴ Mother

ADA is a great dance facility with experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated staff!!! We have enjoyed watching our 3 daughters blossom into dancers over the past 5 years. The girls continue to learn and develop skills/technique each year. In addition to their dance education, each girl has formed new friendships. We already have wonderful memories and look forward to many more with ADA!!!

Regan Wyatt ̴ Mother

I just wanted to say, Thank You So Much!! The girls Miss Hayley, Miss Cori were really on top of things they thought of everything! Was worth every penny! It would not have been a party without their help!

Shanna Bronczyk – Mother

“Thank you so much Angie for everything..This is our first Christmas with the academy and the girls had a wonderful time..they have been talking about it all weekend.  Thank you so much for all that you have done to give them a wonderful and positive dance experience.  I appreciate it!”

Aimee Alich
~ Mother
Dear Miss. Angie,

We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful first year of dance our daughter Anna had. It was a marvelous experience, from the first day of summer camp to the recital in May. Everything was very age appropriate and professional. Anna’s teachers, Miss Elizabeth and Miss Amanda (who are outstanding) are truly blessed with the gift to teach. It is clear that you and your staff have discovered the perfect balance of teaching skill and having fun. I am convinced that Anna is not only learning a skill but has also developed a love of dance.

She always looks forward to her class time. So much so, that her younger sister would cry to go to class with her. This year, at 2 ½, Ally began dance lessons. Again, we are so pleased with the instruction and instructors.

Living in Buncombe County, it is closer for us to go into Asheville than to travel to Clyde for dance lessons. But it is clear that we made the right decision by choosing Angie’s Dance Academy for our girls.

Thanks, Miss. Angie, for providing this wonderful service for our children.

God’s Blessings,

Jim and Anita Darby
Miss Angie and Staff,

Thank you for having observation week.  I was able to come to a couple of classes that Maggie is in (which I don’t get to do too often).  I just have to say how amazed I was at the way you teach and the way the girls respond.  What a great gift you have… and thank you so much for all you do to instill so much more than dance steps in these girls.

What you all do makes a profound difference in lives… thank you!  I know the difference you have made in Maggie’s life, and it’s quite clear the positive influence what you do has on all the girls. To see a class full of girls respond to instruction and do so well is quite a credit to you all and how you do it!

Thanks Again,David Christy
Our daughter has danced at ADA since she was three years old.  The beautiful art of dance has helped her to be more independent, self assured, and responsible and has created for her a lifetime of precious memories that will never be forgotten.  ADA offers quality instruction from the wonderful staff and we are amazed each year as we watch our daughter grow and learn from these special people in her life.  Our daughter’s dance team is like her second family and the friendships that she has made over the years will always hold a special place in her heart.  Dance at ADA has been a wonderful journey in our daughter’s life-a journey that has been rewarding, challenging, hopeful and fulfilling.  Dance at ADA has touched our daughter’s heart and life in many ways and will always evoke memories of special times and bring a huge smile on our daughter’s face! ~ Brandon & Stacey Rogers

Thanks so much for the awesome deals on the “Halloween” costumes. I got a bunch of them last year to help Santa out a bit and my girls have loved playing in them. Now, my oldest daughter Jayla, has outgrown some of them and handed them down to her younger sister Madison. I got 8 outfits for $40. Not to mention the other 2 I bought earlier. My daughters will have many hours of fun with those costumes. Can’t wait for next years sale!


~Candace Stevens

Parent of Jayla Stevens

I love ADA. My daughter Jayla has been going there for over a year now and is taking gymnastics. She loves it and has made her gain major confidence. She was shy at first but has totally come into her own over the last year and we have Coach Kevin and the rest of the ADA staff to thank!

– Candace Stevens

Parent of Jayla Stevens


We feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful dance family for the past 11 years. Angie and her staff are so dear to our hearts. Angie has been wonderful to our girls and with her guidance they have not only learned the art of dance but have also developed the foundation for their morals and character. All the faculty at ADA has been a great role model and positive influence on my girls. We love Angie’s Dance Academy and greatly appreciate it’s impact on our lives.

-Sandy Osborne

Parent of Taylor and Mackenzie Osborne 


Thank you for all you have done for my girls- and all the dancers. You and the other teachers give a part of yourselves to the dancers and the studio. The dancers have poise, confidence and grace. They are advanced beyond their years and gives them an edge in school, employment, social settings and life in general. 

-Diane Franklin

Parent of Sierra and Sydney Franklin


I really enjoyed working with you and the guys. Everyone welcomed me in and treated me like I was actually a father to one of your students. I think you are doing a wonder job with those kids and I’m very impressed with your program.

-Jason F. Kerslake

 After the Dance Recital my little girl was hugging her teacher, Miss Angie and telling them bye.
As she came down the steps to meet me she had BIG TEARS coming down her face. When I was hugging her
and talking to her, I ask what was wrong. She said she was going to miss Miss Angie and dance so much over the summer.
Averi has done many different things (cheer, gymnastics and others) she has never be like this when the
season is over. So a as parent I just want to thank you all at Angie’s Dance Academy for the wonderful impact
you all have made on my little girls life. We know now that she has found what she loves.

-Cynthia Beck

Mother of Averi Beck